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Throughout our history we have been proud to work with trustees of Taft-Hartley plans supporting unionized employees in a variety of critical industries, including public safety, education, food and service, health care, transportation, and the building trades.

We understand the challenges many plans face, from sustaining and growing membership to managing funding levels. By building and managing portfolios that seek to provide participation in rising markets and protection in volatile and falling markets, we believe we can help manage the challenges of taking market risk with assets that serve long-term obligations.

We support unions in their dedication to provide workers and their families decent wages, affordable health care, job security, safe and respectful workplaces, and work/life balance. For decades, Boston Trust Walden, as an engaged investor, has advocated with our clients for equality. As a portfolio manager seeking to invest in sustainable companies, we consider how workers are treated at the companies we evaluate for investment. In some cases, we have partnered with labor leadership to directly engage portfolio companies on worker rights and more sustainable business practices in general.

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